I love the Makeup Eraser!


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  The Makeup Eraser is such a great product!  With only water, it removes your makeup. I put it to the test with Mehron Special FX 3-D gel, fake blood, glitter, and lashes. Look how the makeup & lashes slide off my face! The best part is that your skin doesn’t feel irritated. My skin is so sensitive and usually feels irritated after cleansing at night. I can’t believe I was able to remove all that heavy makeup with just water and my skin felt great afterwards. 

I love this product so much, I asked Heidi Lerner, Distributor for the Makeup Eraser, to be a sponsor for my 2015 Beauty Tour! If you want to purchase a Makeup Eraser or buy them wholesale for your business, contact Heidi! heidi.lerner@gmail.com

Heidi’s Web-site

Summer inspo


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Some of my summer favs from my garden & beauty today.

1. UrbanDecay.com Chill Makeup Setting Spray
Great for the summer because it’s cooling & hydrating.
2. TooFaced.com Hangover Face Primer
When your skin is dehydrated, the coconut water & electrolytes revitalize. It truly is the hangover solution for skin.
3. TarteCosmetics.com Not So Slick Oil Blotting Papers
Perfect for this 90 degree weather for keeping you looking fresh.
4. BaitHairPerfume.com Hair Perfume
Going out straight from work & u need a refresher?  This hair perfume smells like candy!
5. DrunkElephant.com C-Firma Day Serum
Prevent the signs of aging daily while firming & brightening your skin.
6. LoveAmika.com Perk Up Dry Shampoo
This dry shampoo is perfect when you are going out straight from the office & don’t have a lot of time to refresh your look.


Inspiration is important in all facets of life. If we don’t feel inspired, we lose our drive. Staying inspired is easier than you think. Inspiration is all around you if you open your eyes. “Whenever I see art, I think of how lucky I am to have my eye sight.” I said that to my husband when I was at a museum one day. I think of that every time I see something beautiful and it makes me smile and feel inspired.

Photo: sequoia emmanuelle for dapifer
Models: flora & danie /aston models
Hair: sabrina sanchez
Stylist: matthew hensley
Nails: kimberly young
Makeup: debra macki

Stocking Stuffers For Her: $10 and Under!


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These are an ingenious idea! When was the last time you walked gracefully across a lawn in heels? Solemates prevent your heels from sinking into the grass. Every woman needs to own these and that’s why they are the perfect stocking stuffer!

Number 4 Hair Care minis
Why not stuff her stocking with a trial sized shampoo and conditioner that will soon be her favorite product? This brand is everything I love: vegan, protects color, anti-aging, sulfate & paraben free!


The Wet Brush
Everyone on earth needs one of these unless they are bald! My hair is very tangled out of the shower. It used to take me forever to brush through. Now it takes me one minute or less without damaging my hair! It looks like an ordinary brush but don’t let that fool you. If you give this as a gift, you will be thanked repeatedly. IMG_1316.JPG

Baby Juju Bar by Drunk Elephant
This cleansing bar is the anti-soap! It’s non-toxic ingredients cleanse without stripping the skin. It’s a 3-in-1 product that’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning. It cleanses, exfoliates, and heals. Fragrance-free and soap-free. My skin loves it and the travel-sized bars are perfect for frequent flyers. IMG_1317.JPG
Organic Lip Balm by ToGoSpa
I love this company and every product they produce. You guys probably know how much I love EYES by ToGoSpa. They have another product that’s a perfect stocking stuffer, Organic Lip Balm! IMG_1318.JPG

SuperGoop Sunscreen
Sample sizes are only $3! Introduce your favorite girl to this great product to protect her skin year-round. The avobenzone based formula absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave that white veil other sunscreens do. Such a great benefit for darker skin tones! IMG_1319.JPG

Whish Body Butters
Whish makes their great products in “stocking stuffer size”! Leaves your skin super soft and doesn’t have harsh chemical ingredients. IMG_1321.JPG

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray
Hydrating & nourishing for your skin. Use it on bare skin, over night cream or set your makeup with it! Lots of uses and the aromatherapy gives you a little pick me up. Great for all skin types so you can’t go wrong. IMG_1323.JPG

Who doesn’t love LUSH bath bombs?
Every girl loves these. It stimulates all your senses from the magical color display, to the soothing aromatherapy.


Rescue Chocolate
What’s so special about this chocolate is that they are the first and only artisan chocolate company that dedicates all profits to animal rescue. This will surely put a smile on her face!


Easy Zombie Makeup Tips!


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Easy Zombie Makeup Tips!

Not sure what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? Being a zombie is fun and easy. You don’t really need much of a costume, it’s all about the makeup. In a few easy steps, you can be brain dead!

A great local Boston place to grab what you need is Joker’s Wild. They have locations in Danvers and Reading, MA. If you are reading this now, you don’t have time to order anything online.

One of my favorite Special FX makeup lines is Mehron. Joker’s Wild sells a Mehron Zombie Kit for just under $20! The only additions you might want to add are fake blood and contacts. The contacts really take this look next level. Make sure you buy them from a reputable place because the cheap ones can give you an eye infection. They sell great ones at Joker’s Wild.

I created these looks with the Mehron kit and a bottle of fake blood.



Zombie Makeup:
1. Start with a clean face. That means NO moisturizer. The product won’t stick to your skin correctly if you have anything on it.IMG_0558.JPG

2. Heat up the 3-D gel bottle in warm water. Don’t put it in boiling water because you are putting it on your face and you’ll burn yourself. Do a test on the back of your hand first to make sure it isn’t too hot for your face.You just need it to heat up so it’s liquified.

3. Carefully Drip/pour the gel over your skin where you want it to look rotting. It can be all over your face, or just a cheek. Whatever you want! You can be a zombie starting to turn or full on walking dead. Tear little holes with your fingers into the gel once it’s cooled off and solid.IMG_0554.JPG

4. Use the face paint to create depth and skin discoloration. Olive/yellow/grey are great for overall skin rot. Use the black/brown/red for holes in the 3D gel to look like wounds. You can layer red on top of brown or black to make the holes look deeper. Use the red and brown around the eyes. Set everything with the setting powder so it lasts all night. Make sure you press it on with the powder puff in the kit vs. using a brush. The brush will wipe off the makeup.

5. The tooth FX yellowing can be applied and removed very easily. The teeth you are painting should be dry. Wipe the tooth with a paper towel and paint it on.

If you bought the fake blood, apply some to your wounds, mouth, and neck!

You can wear some old clothes with rips in them or just go in your regular attire. The makeup is the star of this look!

Have fun!


Jenny McCarthy’s Sexy Holiday Makeup


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A smoky eye is one of most requested looks for makeup artists. Here are some tips to make your’s a success for the holidays like Jenny’s.

A classic smoky look isn’t right for everyone. It works great for average and prominent eyes but not so great for deep-set. If you have deep-set eyes, focus on smoking out your lower lash line only. If you darken your lid or do a thick smudged liner on your top lash line, you will make your eyes look more deep set.

A classic smoky look is all about not doing defined lines and contours, it should be undefined, smoky lines.

After prepping eyes with primer/concealer, start by lining your eyes in a dark color like black, grey or brown. Now smudge. Go over that liner with an eyeshadow of the same color. Grab another eyeshadow that’s less dark and go up to the crease.

Basically you are layering colors from darkest to lightest, starting with the darkest at your lash line. You can also do this with your lower lashes and adjust it for as thick as you want. Thinner on lower lashes works best for day but the thicker and smudgier, the better for night.

The piece de la resistance is lining your waterline in black. It really pulls the look together. Use pencil if you wear contacts and gel if you don’t. The gel will end up making a black streak across your contacts if you use it.

Products used on Jenny McCarthy:

Stila smudgepot
Debra Macki black eye pencil
Smashbox Aperture Photo Op Shadow Trio
Debra Macki Naked Eyeshadow
Benefit Brow Zings
Smashbox Full Exposure black mascara

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Mehron HD foundation
Benefit Ooh La Lift concealer
Too Faced Full Bloom Ultra Flush Blush in Who’s Your Poppy.
Debra Macki translucent powder #2

Debra Macki Juicy lipgloss

Jenny McCarthy for YBI Magazine
Photo: Brian Doherty
Makeup: Debra Macki
Hair: Kerrie Urban
Styling: Liz & Crys

What Inspires Me


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A question I get asked a lot is “What inspires you?”.  Artists need to constantly be inspired and it’s very important that we seek out what inspires us to fuel our art.

Butterfly garden


I open my eyes and I am inspired.  There is inspiration all around us everyday.  What I love to do is take pictures of anything and everything I find beautiful around me.  I am constantly taking photos of people, places, and things on my daily adventures.   I can’t believe how many photos my i-phone can hold.  I just deleted some after finding it hard to scroll through the thousands, yes thousands of photos I have on it.



I’ll look through my inspiration bank of photos & feel re-charged.  The colors of a garden or a butterfly can make me feel like doing something colorful on someone’s eyes.

It breathes new life into my art.  Sure I’ve used purple eyeshadow a million times on my clients, but seeing a beautiful garden or sunset makes me want to try it in a different way.

A beautiful night on Michigan Ave. in Chicago



I encourage you to snap away.  You don’t even have to pay attention to the photo until later on.  It takes 2 seconds to snap a pic even on the busiest of days.

perfect Dahlia

I forget what I’ve taken photos of and it’s really fun to scroll through my camera later on and be reminded of the beauty all around me.




“Whenever I see art, I think of how lucky I am to have my eye sight.” I said that to my husband when I was at a museum one day. I think of that every time I see something beautiful and it makes me smile and feel inspired.

What inspires you? 🙂

Champagne, Makeup, and Me


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It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to create the Makeup Retreat.  My idea was to combine all the things that I love and have everyone walk away empowered and ready to conquer the world!

Your Beauty Industry has partnered with me to make this dream a reality.  They bring with them unparalleled expertise and fun ideas!   We are having makeup workshops, a YBI Beauty Bar, yoga, beauty gift bags, and a MAKEUP PINATA!!! Yes, I said pinata! How fun is that going to be???

There is a YBI Magazine VIP Reception and an After Party Soiree that I’m hosting during the weekend.  Great business ideas are always born in these settings.  A room full of people who love the beauty industry as much as I do sipping champagne can only be a good thing!

You don’t have to take workshops to go to the Retreat but you should because the prices are so affordable and it’s a great investment in your career.

Click here for Frequently asked questions.

Click here to sign up now!

Advice for Aspiring Makeup Artists


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People ask me for advice everyday so I thought it would make a great blog! If you are starting out or a working makeup artist trying to make it to the next level, there are some important things you need to consider.

1. Education: I’ve heard some artists say you don’t need education. Sure you can learn how to be a makeup artist over time and trial & error, but why would you take 20 years to learn what you can in a week from an industry pro? Education is very important. I’m not saying you have to go to a makeup school, but you need to take classes on a regular basis. Look for classes that give you business insight too. You can be a talented artist and have no clue how to make it in this industry. The right classes can take you to the next level and help you to double your income!

2. Advice: Don’t take advice from people who aren’t successful. If you ask makeup artists who are not successful and can’t support themselves as a full-time artist for advice, you’re going down a bad road. Only take advice from successful working makeup artists and remember everyone has different opinions. Some advice might come from a great source but might not be good advice.

3. Assisting: Look for successful artists in your area that you can assist. Everyone has different techniques and tips and you can learn from assisting. As and assistant, it is your job to make the head artist shine. In return you will learn and gain experience. Proving that you are reliable and have a good work ethic to a successful artist can lead to future paid jobs.

4. Be nice: Having a great attitude goes a long way! You’d be surprised how being polite and easy to work with can get you future work. Have manners and be on-time. A lot of makeup artists over the years didn’t get a call back from me because they were rude or late.

5. Don’t give up on your dreams: If you want to be a pro makeup artist and you are talented, nothing is stopping you! Get the education and experience you need. Subscribe to industry, beauty, and fashion magazines. They are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. A good work ethic, positive thinking, and guidance will lead you on the way to success!

I am blessed to do what I love for a living and I don’t take that for granted. I started teaching makeup classes based on what wasn’t available to me as an aspiring artist. I wanted to give back to the industry that I love so much. I take my students with me to assist on movies, television, celebrity appearances, pageants, photo shoots, and fashion shows. I love teaching and I balance it well with my makeup career. I only teach a few classes per year and look forward to each one:)

Click here for info. on my classes


Cervical Cancer Awareness with a Twist: Makeup to Save the Hooch


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September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Educate the women you love by blogging, chatting, tweeting, texting, singing, and miming.  Ok, miming would be creepy.  But if you are cervical cancer survivor and activist Christine Baze, you will be singing.  She was a young singer with a bright future when cervical cancer came knocking on her door.  Her future is still bright but she now adds cervical cancer survivor to her bio.

I met Christine 6 years ago when I was hired to do her makeup for a video.   We became fast friends and now I am under her umbrella. Her Yellow Umbrella, that is.  She is the Executive Director of  the Yellow Umbrella Org.  It’s a non-profit that raises cervical cancer awareness through music, fashion, and beauty events.  I created an eyeshadow palette for the Yellow Umbrella to help raise awareness and we do events nationwide.

Do you know what causes cervical cancer?  HPV.  Knowing this changes everything. If you are 30+ get an HPV test with your pap. Educate others via your blogs/tweets and help save lives!  Cervical cancer is preventable!

Order the eyeshadow palette I created to benefit the Yellow Umbrella Org.

Read my blog at YourBeautyIndustry.com about being at BlogHer with the Yellow Umbrella!

My first blog: Makeup, Ke$ha, and butterflies


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I took a poll on which site I should do my blog on.  WordPress was the obvious choice thanks to some great feedback from friends on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m just trying to get acquainted with this site and learn what it has to offer.  There are so many options to make your blog supercalafrajalisticexpialadocious! I’m a little overwhelmed.  Hopefully my blog will look as great as the ones I admire one day soon!

I love the option to blog on my iPhone.  I will definitely take advantage of that while I’m spending countless hours at the airport and don’t feel like lugging my laptop.

So what can you expect to read from me? I love to talk about my life, dogs, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, making the world a better place, equal rights, and  animal rights/rescue.  I love my butterfly garden, drinking champagne, and doing makeup!  I’ll definitely blog about my work as a makeup artist.  It will be like you are with me backstage and behind the scenes!

I love and appreciate the finer things in life but think the simple things are the most precious:)

Doing Ke$ha's makeup

Butterfly visiting my garden:)

Peace, Love, and Lipstick,