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I took a poll on which site I should do my blog on.  WordPress was the obvious choice thanks to some great feedback from friends on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m just trying to get acquainted with this site and learn what it has to offer.  There are so many options to make your blog supercalafrajalisticexpialadocious! I’m a little overwhelmed.  Hopefully my blog will look as great as the ones I admire one day soon!

I love the option to blog on my iPhone.  I will definitely take advantage of that while I’m spending countless hours at the airport and don’t feel like lugging my laptop.

So what can you expect to read from me? I love to talk about my life, dogs, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, making the world a better place, equal rights, and  animal rights/rescue.  I love my butterfly garden, drinking champagne, and doing makeup!  I’ll definitely blog about my work as a makeup artist.  It will be like you are with me backstage and behind the scenes!

I love and appreciate the finer things in life but think the simple things are the most precious:)

Doing Ke$ha's makeup

Butterfly visiting my garden:)

Peace, Love, and Lipstick,