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September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Educate the women you love by blogging, chatting, tweeting, texting, singing, and miming.  Ok, miming would be creepy.  But if you are cervical cancer survivor and activist Christine Baze, you will be singing.  She was a young singer with a bright future when cervical cancer came knocking on her door.  Her future is still bright but she now adds cervical cancer survivor to her bio.

I met Christine 6 years ago when I was hired to do her makeup for a video.   We became fast friends and now I am under her umbrella. Her Yellow Umbrella, that is.  She is the Executive Director of  the Yellow Umbrella Org.  It’s a non-profit that raises cervical cancer awareness through music, fashion, and beauty events.  I created an eyeshadow palette for the Yellow Umbrella to help raise awareness and we do events nationwide.

Do you know what causes cervical cancer?  HPV.  Knowing this changes everything. If you are 30+ get an HPV test with your pap. Educate others via your blogs/tweets and help save lives!  Cervical cancer is preventable!

Order the eyeshadow palette I created to benefit the Yellow Umbrella Org.

Read my blog at YourBeautyIndustry.com about being at BlogHer with the Yellow Umbrella!