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A question I get asked a lot is “What inspires you?”.  Artists need to constantly be inspired and it’s very important that we seek out what inspires us to fuel our art.

Butterfly garden


I open my eyes and I am inspired.  There is inspiration all around us everyday.  What I love to do is take pictures of anything and everything I find beautiful around me.  I am constantly taking photos of people, places, and things on my daily adventures.   I can’t believe how many photos my i-phone can hold.  I just deleted some after finding it hard to scroll through the thousands, yes thousands of photos I have on it.



I’ll look through my inspiration bank of photos & feel re-charged.  The colors of a garden or a butterfly can make me feel like doing something colorful on someone’s eyes.

It breathes new life into my art.  Sure I’ve used purple eyeshadow a million times on my clients, but seeing a beautiful garden or sunset makes me want to try it in a different way.

A beautiful night on Michigan Ave. in Chicago



I encourage you to snap away.  You don’t even have to pay attention to the photo until later on.  It takes 2 seconds to snap a pic even on the busiest of days.

perfect Dahlia

I forget what I’ve taken photos of and it’s really fun to scroll through my camera later on and be reminded of the beauty all around me.




“Whenever I see art, I think of how lucky I am to have my eye sight.” I said that to my husband when I was at a museum one day. I think of that every time I see something beautiful and it makes me smile and feel inspired.

What inspires you? 🙂