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Easy Zombie Makeup Tips!

Not sure what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? Being a zombie is fun and easy. You don’t really need much of a costume, it’s all about the makeup. In a few easy steps, you can be brain dead!

A great local Boston place to grab what you need is Joker’s Wild. They have locations in Danvers and Reading, MA. If you are reading this now, you don’t have time to order anything online.

One of my favorite Special FX makeup lines is Mehron. Joker’s Wild sells a Mehron Zombie Kit for just under $20! The only additions you might want to add are fake blood and contacts. The contacts really take this look next level. Make sure you buy them from a reputable place because the cheap ones can give you an eye infection. They sell great ones at Joker’s Wild.

I created these looks with the Mehron kit and a bottle of fake blood.



Zombie Makeup:
1. Start with a clean face. That means NO moisturizer. The product won’t stick to your skin correctly if you have anything on it.IMG_0558.JPG

2. Heat up the 3-D gel bottle in warm water. Don’t put it in boiling water because you are putting it on your face and you’ll burn yourself. Do a test on the back of your hand first to make sure it isn’t too hot for your face.You just need it to heat up so it’s liquified.

3. Carefully Drip/pour the gel over your skin where you want it to look rotting. It can be all over your face, or just a cheek. Whatever you want! You can be a zombie starting to turn or full on walking dead. Tear little holes with your fingers into the gel once it’s cooled off and solid.IMG_0554.JPG

4. Use the face paint to create depth and skin discoloration. Olive/yellow/grey are great for overall skin rot. Use the black/brown/red for holes in the 3D gel to look like wounds. You can layer red on top of brown or black to make the holes look deeper. Use the red and brown around the eyes. Set everything with the setting powder so it lasts all night. Make sure you press it on with the powder puff in the kit vs. using a brush. The brush will wipe off the makeup.

5. The tooth FX yellowing can be applied and removed very easily. The teeth you are painting should be dry. Wipe the tooth with a paper towel and paint it on.

If you bought the fake blood, apply some to your wounds, mouth, and neck!

You can wear some old clothes with rips in them or just go in your regular attire. The makeup is the star of this look!

Have fun!